It is very hard to put your artwork on a blog. Most artists I read about have been drawing since childhood. Not me, I never had the courage til I was 53.
When I was a child I used to find sketches in magazines etc and try to imitate them. But I grew up in a very poor, broken home. Now I realize my father, who was also military, had PTSD plus many other physical injuries. He received a small pension and nothing else. There was no encouragement of anything, and drawing was for certain peoole, not us.
I became a graphic designer in the military because I showed an interest in it, I’ll always be grateful for that opportunity. I designed all the communications projects for the ill and injured in the Forces. What a blessing to be able to serve my buddies this way!
And now I am one of the ill…I never thougyt that possible. Despite all the intense training, I never had any severe physical injuries others had, other than a sore knee. I was proud of that. But now I am on medical leave and not sure when I will go back.
So I draw and paint most days. There are a lot of side effects before meds kick in, but they won’t last forever. Intense headaches and nausea…all doable but incapacitating for the moment.
I am in recovery and rehabilitation and it takes time and my art gets me through it. I know I am not a great artists, but I won’t give up and I see small improvements every time. But on the internet, we make quick judgments and want instant success, but reality is that it takes a long time to be an artist and its much harder to stick to it than to dismiss it.
Last night I redid a lynx I did a while back. I like this fellow, I did much better than before. It was done in pastels, more layering this time. I like the eyes, which I spend more time on. It was done on Mi-tients Touch paper.