My Medical experience

There have been 3 separate reported suicides within the CF this week. This affects us all. My condolences to the families left behind.

It’s disturbing for me to see all the reports condemning the Canadian forces in the treatment of the ill and injured within the Canadian forces. I can only speak of my own experience.

When I finally told a trusted officer ( she is now my Assisting Officer) I followed her counsel to go to sick parade immediately. I did not want to, and imagined I would get no support. I did not realize that my thinking was so affected. Thank goodness I did, and I immediately received the help I needed. I have received tremendous support through this, and now I see how my thinking was so skewed at the time. I trusted no one and thoughts fired at me so fast I couldn’t grasp anything clearly.

If you are hesitating to get help, please talk to a trusted officer, even retired, who can help guide you. Think of yourself as a vision impaired person. Would you expect them to get across a strange city by themselves????!!! Of course not! You will not always be impaired, you just need a little help til you can cross that area yourself.