The Grateful Otter


Grateful Otter, pastels on Canson Mi-tients paper

The reference photo was from Twitter, not sure who took it, this is just a practice drawing.

I used mainly pastel pencils for this, but eventually switched to Rembrandts for the top layers. Rembrandts are worth the money $4 a stick) because just a small amount has such a visual impact with their deep pigments. I will use so much of a Mungyo pastel compared to a single swipe of a Rembrandt. But I usually save the Rembrandts for the top layers.

I used the Derwent Dioxazine Purple a lot on this for the fur highlights and I really like that colour.

Actually, I first finished this little fellow and realized that he was actually very disembodied and floating, so I added the extended body so he looked more natural.

I don’t have a pencil sharpener that gets a good enough point and I’m too lazy to sharpen with a knife, otherwise the whiskers would be more precise.

The fur on this little fellow was very therapeutic to me and I actually feel better for having worked away at each little hair. I hope this pulls me out of my latest depressive mood and I can replace anxiety with action.