Chipmunk, pastels on Canson paper

This is Chippy, he just popped into my life today so I painted him and I thought I would share him with everyone. Chipmunks are happy little creatures who cheer us up and remind us to never miss an opportunity to pop into someone’s life and cheer them up. Because life in a tree hollow is survival, but could be so much more.

I am fortunate that someone popped into my life tonight and sincerely asked how I was doing. Her nephew was an honourable soldier who made it back from Afghanistan, but could not fight the PTSD battle and ended his life. She understands. I cried, and I haven’t cried in a long time. Then we laughed, yeah, we laughed and it felt good.

The news about Cpl MacEachern’s death on Christmas Day shot right through me. Because I was going down that same path, that focus on fighting for my rights. I know what I am entitled to, but I also know the toll this battle will take on me. Because we in the military are taught loyalty, sacrifice etc and in our minds it seems like betrayal when the system doesn’t support us.

So I made my decision last night, after another insincere email from my unit telling me all their problems since the doc pulled me out of that abusive situation, but never offering anything for me. I am done. I am leaving the military in 2 months. I cannot allow myself to get even more ill. But I am not finished with them. I know there was fraud involved in my case and I will prove it… But with legal help. I will not fight these slippery insects myself.

I feel relieved. There will be no Depart with Dignity for me. They still owe me a medal, who knows when I will get it, but it’s mine, I earned it.