Use-what-you-got Wolf


Rembrandt violet pastel & white on sketchpad

I went to the art store and picked up 2 new pastels, then went to a med appt. while waiting, I quickly sketched this wolf with what I had… A violet and white pastel and a broken ikea pencil as blender šŸ™‚ I left it at the doctors office, but took a quick pic.

It was a bad PTSD day today… So many stressful nightmares last night and woke up crying, feeling lost, alone, desperate. Couldn’t stop crying. Tried to start a painting of my husky to change my focus, but had to leave for Ottawa to get a new hot water heater. Rely awful and just dragged myself around. I wanted to find some kind of fine sand or pumice to make my own pastel boards, but no luck at Home Depot or Loews. I think I might just try sand. I did get some rejected house paint for $3 and will use it for gesso and mix with various grit til I find the right texture and tooth.

Two more days til I,m back to work and I dread it. But I’ll stick it out for a month to see if it gets better. Just when you think you have this thing beat, a symptom comes back. Never mind, it will get better.