My fur baby Opal


Opal, pastels on canson MT, 16 x20

My favourite pup sticks her nose in and makes the most dramatic expressions… Here she looks so sad, but in reality she is guilting me into something. Works every time 🙂

Side note: returning to work has been difficult, more than I imagined. Not a great atmosphere at work, and I feel hyper vigilant. Plus the nightmares and non sleep have returned, and the week goes by too fast. But I’m determined to give I a good try of about 2 months. There is a lot to be done and I’m the only one to do it, even though they felt justified in cutting my position while I was on med leave. Part of the bullying that goes on that people continue to get away with. But this time they aren’t dealing with “just a corporal” and will have a reckoning. But they won’t answer to me, they will have to answer to someone that knows how slippery they are.