WIP, The Grand Tetons, Wyoming, pastels on MT Touch

This is a painting I’ve wanted to do for ever. Have been having a hard time adjusting to returning to work. So yesterday after church I took a nap and when I woke up I decided I was going to this painting. There is a nice surprise coming up in this painting 🙂

Years ago when I went to college in Idaho I used to go on cattle drives with a local farm family. I know, how lucky was I? But I have no photos of this beautiful sweeping landscape. Along comes art…

I began at the top and had no idea how I was going to accomplish this. I used a reference photo of the mountains and pretty well just started with the grand Teton and just work my way left and right on each mountainside.

I had no idea what colours to use. I started out with grey and a very very light blue. It was only when I started using Derwent Prussian blue that it started to pop.
I suppose there are easier ways to do mountains. I’ve seen people do them very quickly and very realistically. But my art is all about therapy so I spent the whole evening just doing the mountains.
When I stopped and stood back I was pretty amazed at what I did. I like them. Other artists could really do much better but I never thought I could do mountains. I think the key is determination and hard work… Chiseling away at it until you have something YOU like.
I never once thought about work during this painting. I watched historical documentary videos and just unstressed. Normally I would think of this as wasting the day, but I think I really needed this. I had a good session with the therapist Friday and I needed to wipe the negative thoughts away. Art does this for me every time.