WIP Lynx


WIP Lynx, Rembrandts on MT Touch

A friend went to Toronto and got me some pan pastel tools. I don’t have pan pastels ( basically they are pastels in little containers you spread with your fingers or these tools) but I have learned to dip the spongy inserts into rubbing alcohol and it spreads the under painting in a painterly style. I could never achieve this with just pastels and was getting very frustrated. This works very well, but go easy on the pastels, they intensify with the alcohol.
So this is how you do it : spread your soft pastels around where you want, mixing colours. Then dip these tools or a brush into alcohol sparingly and spread the colour. It dries lighter and NO powder residue.
Remember, this is an under painting, so you will be painting over it to add dimension.
To me, this makes my paintings more like real art and not just random drawings of animals. After a year and a half of struggling to paint, I think I have turned a corner.