Diesel the service dog


Diesel, Rembrandt pastels on canson pastel paper

This started out fine, but unfortunately, the background did not cooperate. This little Veterans service dog, was so cute I thought about him all day and had to try painting him. I have a Siberian Husky so this little guy had a lot of the same characteristics. But those eyes! I spent more time on those eyes than anything else, including the nose.

I did have a muted background, but the colours mixed terribly and it just didn’t work on the light pastel paper. So I just turned it into a crazy background mix. It’s just for fun, so why not have fun?!

The owner really liked it and I received my first commission to do another! I’m really honoured that someone would like my little drawings, this all started as a way to calm down and cope, I,ve never drawn in my life and my first paintings were so awful. I chose pastels truthfully because I didn’t have to get out of bed and I could paint. They turned out to keep me going when I just wanted everything to stop.