Eagle, Pitt and Derwent Pastel Pencils

Decided I needed a quick art fix tonight, so I started this late, intending to only do the eyes. Then the eyes led to the beak, mouth, top of head, white feathers, then black!

I did this on Canson MT paper because I didn’t have any other surface ready. By prepped paper, this is what I do: I spread Golden Fine Pumice on any art surface and then paint on that. From experience it is better with something other than cardstock, usually art board or thicker art sheet.

No word from the military on whether or not I receive compensation, so I am actively seeking a job. The difficulty is that I don’t walk into the situation I left, so it needs to be pretty independent. Pretty well, tell me what to do and let me do it. No large organizations where backstabbing and manipulation thrive. Where is a job like that????

I have begun creating business cards and stickers and doing an online portfolio of my graphic and web work. Hopefully someone can use a multiple talented person who wants to work and use my skill set.