Bighorn Sheep


Bighorn Sheep, pastels on art board

I don’t feel much like doing anything lately. Don’t- Care- So -Much, my military unit, are purposely delaying paperwork for compensation. They waited a month, and only after the IPSC reluctantly intervened did they tell me I needed this form. This is what they do, this is why there are so few true leaders in the CAF anymore, there are so many bullies with small egos allowed to prey on whoever they chose. They have made me so sick I can’t get out of bed, my meds aren’t working and I just want to give up.

I tried to paint, I don’t feel this one is as good as I wanted, maybe I’ll see it different another day. For now I am just treading water and since my income has been cut off by these bullies, I need to find a job, meaning I have to plant a smile on my face and pretend everything is okay. I gave the best work possible to the military, which will have real lasting impact, and they continue to treat me like a criminal and the enemy. At some point this has to stop.