Kit Fox part 2


This is simply an improvement on an earlier attempt, not sure if I succeeded. Am in a bit of a slump. No income, no compensation. After about a month wait for approval, the IPSC contacted my unit to see if my compensation was approved and they let her know ( not me) that they were missing a form from me. I wonder what would happen if I was in charge of a file and I let that slide for a month???? Hmmmm… Probably a written warning. But many at DND carry a special Degree after their name…Maj DA Bloggins, CYA . They always cover their arses and you can’t pin them.

Thank goodness I have a part time job otherwise I would be homeless. The Legion does offer assistance but I hope it doesn’t come to that, I am able to work, just not with bullies and back stabbing fraudsters.

My painting is awful lately, maybe need to try another style or medium.