Moose on the Run


Moose on the Run, pastels on sanded art board

Having a bit of a rough time lately, pretty well broke. Trying to find a part time job in web maintenance or social media is hard, you really have to meet people. I was invited to a conference and met a lot of people and gave them my card but nothing so far. I have missed one house payment, but no choice. Army is still stalling on compensation and I am not hopeful on that. Because the people who decide compensation are the ones who maliciously took my job, so they aren’t going to admit they did anything wrong.

At any rate, my confidence in painting or doing anything is really low. You can only remain hopeful for so long and then as you watch things crumble, it becomes real. I’m supposed to change my meds but I’m afraid to right now. It’s hard to do anything. Sometimes I can’t believe it, I worked so hard at my job in the Forces, serving the ill and injured, and to be thrown out because of one insecure guy who deliberately bullied and pushed me out, is so wrong. But not a lot I can do. Sadly, the army is full of unscrupulous people who are ready to stab you in the back to get ahead… And that includes the civilians who work there. What happened to the honour and loyalty? You feel like a thief for asking for compensation or entitlements. You have to PROVE everything, as if working enormous amounts if overtime, doing more than you’re asked to do, having things done quickly and perfectly, looking out for others and making your team look good we’re not enough to prove you were a good soldier. It’s sickening to see what it’s become and I never thought I would ever say I was embarrassed to be a member. Still, when I was at that convention, several people remarked that I’d be fine once I get out… I have a big pension waiting for me. Uh….. No, many of us only got a pension the last few years and if you didn’t make it to 20 plus years, you get very little. I’ve served 13 years and I would only make a few hundred dollars per month.

I’d be better off selling a few paintings and forget the military 🙂