Hungry Fox


Hungry Fox, pastels on MT Touch

I started a series of smaller, close up wildlife photos. I began with this one, which is a donation to the Ottawa Bach Choir.


Owl, pastels on sanded Linen paper

I thought, why not do a series, as I usually do larger size such as 16″ x 20″. I found that I really liked working in smaller detail like this.

I have not received compensation from the Canadian forces in over two months. It is part of the continuing bullying and delays that are characteristic of the unit that hired me for four years. They always seemed to be in a hurry when they wanted work from me!

I can’t wait any further until I become a homeless veteran. I have to find a job immediately. I apply for about 10 jobs per day. Of course this will mess up my compensation plus I am not in any condition to work a full-time job according to my doctor but I have no choice. I don’t want any handouts from anyone.

I’ve already missed two house payments so far. I just have to live with the stress of it and just keep on trying job after job. I won’t and I can’t give up now. It’s very cruel of the Canadian forces to treat me this way but life goes on I have to just make the best of it.

From now on I’m not having any appointments from anybody in the Canadian forces unless they can give me an answer for this compensation. By the way I used to work beside the guy who gives the approval for the compensation and it should only take one day. But me, it is 2 months plus.

So I am searching for a communications job that wants a dynamic, dedicated problem solver who wants to WORK. Which is why my last supervisor got rid of me, he knew I was way more capable of producing work far superior to him and he was too insecure to handle it.