Hawk, pastels on sanded paper

I’ve had to take my case to the military Ombudsman and they have agreed to investigate. They are seeing what I have been putting up with in the last year and confirmed that I have been targeted and harassed by this unit.

I must admit, the worst is when the military attacks your character. It is an old tactic by manipulators but it works on us military…we spend years trying to follow rules and doing the right thing…and suddenly we are caste as thieves, liars, not worthy of anything.

Thank goodness in Canada we have a Military Ombudsman who easily sees through all that crap, and slowly peels away the layers for us, and confirms our worst fears… that our own people are our worst abusers and use their positions and rank to build their fragile egos.

At any rate, the Ombudsman has lit a fire under their arse and able to make them move, whereas they gave me excuses for almost 3 months. If I did my work that way in the military, I would be demotes, written up and booted out.

It is still an emotional, rotten experience, but if it helps make the way smoother for others, it is worth it. When I am feeling healthier I intend to find real answers and those guilty of offences will be accountable.