Family portraits

A cousin took a picture of my Aunt Gloria and her brother, 90yo Evy. I wanted so much to do their portrait, but I was scared. Portraits are very difficult and have to be very precise, otherwise people won’t like them at all.

It took me a week to try, but I really wanted a portrait of them, so really had no choice.

I went to the local art shoppe and to my surprise, all the Schminke pastels were half price. I decided to get 10 because I heard they were the best. But the colour I wanted was broken, and the sales clerk said I could have all the broken ones for free. Woohoo! So I picked up colours I thought would work for portraits and dived in.

I can’t even describe how wonderful these Schminke pastels are. They are a world of difference from the Rembrandts. They blend so easily and with one layer, the coverage is superb. In fact, a couple of SPECKS of red was all I needed to highlight cheeks. Very powerful! Now I see why they are so $$$$$

So, here is my attempt at portraits, I find them very stressful though, and prefer wildlife.