Statue of an Angel

Statue of an Angel, soft pastels on cheap paper

I I love painting statues and had to paint this one. I wish I could say it was a happy Christmas angel, but it’s actually from a cemetery. Almost all statues I paint are from cemeteries. I love visiting cemeteries, I feel very comfortable there. I used to play in them as a child ( for us it was a park as we had no parks) and I believe that the dead are among us and encourage and help us daily. I have no fear of death as I had a near death experience ( anaphylactic shock) and I believe we carry on once this life is over, much like we shed a glove, our hand is still there, we will shed our bodies and our spirit is still there.

Painting on cheap paper is always a mistake, but I call this a practice piece, just wanted to see how it turned out. I did a gouache base, but the pastels still wouldn’t stick. I used mainly Pitt pencils and Rembrandts for the nice sheen on the statue, spraying a fixative between layers so it doesn’t blend too much.

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