Keep painting no matter how you feel!

These are a series of paintings I did when I was depressed. Even picking up a crayon is hard! You tell yourself… What’s the use???? And all sorts of drowning thoughts.

But keep at it. Don’t you quit! It WILL come back. I promise.

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4 thoughts on “Keep painting no matter how you feel!

  1. First, thank you very much for liking my drawing “Just Staring.” I LOVE your work. I also so agree with you about how important it is to “keep painting no matter how you feel.” I made a deal with myself that I would do art for 20 minutes each day because that seemed doable and the 20 minutes always turns into hours. Making art is the one time when I don’t feel anxiety. It is my form of meditation, prayer.

  2. Wonderful blog post, it’s so true what you said. Thank you for reminding me of the importance of keeping going. Love your drawings :). The fox seems to have sad eyes x

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