No paintings today

Or I should say no sharing photos today. I did a portrait last night, but I,m not happy with it.

To be honest, I look at some artists of wildlife and wish I was as inspired and unique as them. I wish my backgrounds were fresh, interesting and lively as theirs. Why can’t I wake up one day, discover a new style and just run with it and become a real artist? 

I’m in a bit of a slump… Totally my own fault. I keep painting, but it looks dull and lifeless to me. What’s missing? Innovation? 

I love painting animals but they don’t reflect what’s in my head. I want the wow factor. 

I realize I’m only 3 years into art, but I was hoping I would find my style. Not today. Not yet.

I went to a recent art exhibit of about 30 artists… Not one portrait and no moose! I guess people just don’t want what I want.

Just not happy lately, but I’m not giving up.