From uniform to school!


I never thought I would end up in art school but here I am! Two months ago I had an interview with the arts advisor at a local college and I just knew it was the right program for me. Unfortunately so many roadblocks happened at the time that at the last minute even though I had financial support To attend the program for 1 year I just wasn’t able to. Everything happened at once I almost lost my house and became homeless, I was sinking deeper and deeper into depression and losing my way, just so many bad things happened.

But fortunately Veterans Affairs  and SISIP kicked in and both of them rallied around me and got me the financial support I needed. It really was a miracle how it all happened. I remember sitting down on a Friday and just absolutely shocked at how far down I had been and how everything has changed in a week 360°. They literally saved my life.

So I quickly registered for college schooling and I was in the program! It is a year long program designed to build an art portfolio. So you get a lot of experience in all sorts of art mediums!

My classes include drawing, painting, print and 3-D media and art history.  I had to drop to classes in communications and intro to computers because I Wayover qualified in them and they weren’t worth my time. But thankfully the college gave me credit for the communications class. The computer class I would have to write an exam and I’m not interested in doing that.

My favourite class is art history. I absolutely love that and I am thinking about taking art history and university after this. The drawing class is very hard for me because I don’t like to draw and I can’t draw it’s really a struggle for me. But I’m trying to practice as much as I can.  The painting class is almost all the chrome legs which I have never used so it’s great exposure to this medium. The print in 3-D is the scariest class for me because it is all things that I have never done before. But the instructor is absolutely wonderful and I just love being in his class .  All of the instructors are absolutely fantastic and supportive. I’m so glad I chose college instead of university to get my toes wet in education because it is a very supportive environment .

I added the picture above as a drawing I did for the class that I never used but I made it sort of Geometric just for fun to show how mixed up I am going back to school. Haha! That’s me as a Vulcan! Yep. I’m a Trekkie!