Farm children



My pretty shoes

My Pretty Shoes, Soft pastels on Sanded paper

Just a quick one, I,ve been depressed lately and just not into detail. 

The Wait of the Tutus

Wait of the Tutus

The Wait of the Tutus, Soft Pastel on Canson paper, 10 x 16

Lot of fun doing these tutus and the background. Mainly Nupastel for the background, they have a harder pastel but so rich colours. The mind colour is mainly Rembrandts I bought that I never thought I would ever use!

I left it uncropped so everyone can see what a messy artist I am, I’m not a clean-edge kind of person, just have fun with it!

Giant Bubbles

Giant Bubbles

Giant Bubbles, Soft Pastels on Canson paper, 12 x 16

This is another fun painting I did just to see if I could do it. I didn’t know how to achieve the hair highlights, I just sort of blended them together. Unfortunate choice of background though, would have been better white, but oh well, just for fun!

Gathering Petals

Gathering Petals

Flower Girl gathering Petals, Soft Pastels on Canson Paper, 30 x 16

I use the wrong side of the Canson paper by mistake, but the rough texture actually added to the texture of the dress.

This was just a quick one I did in a few hours, would like to do a better one later on. I loved doing her hair!

The Unison pastel white was perfect for this, it really gave the whitest white I wanted, added some Derwent grey for depth.

I actually got an offer from someone to paint her flower girl because of this painting! As long as it’s a great photo, I don’t mind. As always, it’s all therapy!