Kylie, Rembrandt pastels on Strathmore treated 400 series mixed media paper

My cousins dog died recently and I painted this character for her as a comfort. It’s from a picture, but I would like to paint aore lively picture later on, did the sketches of it while waiting on a med appt.

Feeling a bit lost, half in half out of the military but that’s life. I wish it could have ended better and kinder but I suppose I’m no different than thousands of other soldiers who are tossed out without a care. I am making a list of all the good things about being in the military and one is , of course, is that now I am a privileged member of a unique organization. I understand Veterans and am comfortable around them. But for now, my battles are over for a whole. Sadly, the people who have bullied me and treated me so uncaringly are the same ones who decide whether or not I receive compensation for my injuries. I am not hopeful that they will decide in my favour, but thankfully, they are not the highest law in the land, though I believe they arrogantly think so. Why do people get their ego and character from pushing others around. These same people would walk around bragging how they thwarted this guy from a harassment charge, or making fun of how someone worded their experience when seeking compensation. These people are nothing more than goons, and it is encouraged by the chain of command at that unit. They make me ashamed to call them members of the Canadian Armed Forces. They wouldn’t lift a finger to save anyone but themselves.

Now it’s my job to look outward and upward and change my life for the better. One is to not look back, but gather all the good stuff I have gained and put them into a suitcase and get moving. These things are worth keeping: resilience, work ethic, good buddies, good times, great training, and knowledge . And above all, caring about your buddy and never leaving them behind.


Diesel #3


Diesel and his Veteran, Rembrandt pastels on MT Touch

I woke up one morning and just knew I had to paint this one. I am very happy with the results, mainly the dog. I am not good at doing humans, but I think the main focus should be the alert dog and I think it comes across. The background was just me trying different effects and finally settling on the one here.

I know that for the rest of my life I will support Veteran’s programs and the good people who run these non profit organizations that are life saving and so important to Canadian Veterans. No one understands Veterans like our fellow Vets and the hell we go through if that includes PTSD. I think these organizations succeed because the Veterans who work there are carrying on the camaraderie and brother and sisterhood that we are all trained to develop. This somehow gets lost in the Department of National Defence and Veterans Affairs, mainly because they are staffed by people who often mean well, but can’t really understand us. I feel privileged to be counted among the Veterans of this country and I stay in close contact with buddies and those in need of my listening ear.

My fur baby Opal


Opal, pastels on canson MT, 16 x20

My favourite pup sticks her nose in and makes the most dramatic expressions… Here she looks so sad, but in reality she is guilting me into something. Works every time 🙂

Side note: returning to work has been difficult, more than I imagined. Not a great atmosphere at work, and I feel hyper vigilant. Plus the nightmares and non sleep have returned, and the week goes by too fast. But I’m determined to give I a good try of about 2 months. There is a lot to be done and I’m the only one to do it, even though they felt justified in cutting my position while I was on med leave. Part of the bullying that goes on that people continue to get away with. But this time they aren’t dealing with “just a corporal” and will have a reckoning. But they won’t answer to me, they will have to answer to someone that knows how slippery they are.

Sad Stinky


Sad Stinky, Rembrandt pastels on Canson Mi-tients paper

This is for the children’s book I am illustrating with my university friend Norma. She is writing, I am illustrating. It started out as just a fun, collaborative project for us, but now it’s more personal and we are committed to it. Norma finished the story the other day and I have read it 3x and cried every time. Not because it’s sad, because it captures exactly the Spirit of Stinky and what he stood for. Very uplifting and hopeful and anyone can relate to it. Better than I hoped.
Every time it start to draw Stinky it looks so awful to me, then I work away at it and somehow it comes round and actually works out. This one is not quite finished, needs some detailing, but you get the idea. He has been abandoned at the Rottie Rescue and a bit sad, but hopeful.
I am busy writing my resume and will start applying for jobs this week. I am going to load examples of print graphics I have done on this blog in a separate section. I’m proud of the work I did in the Canadian Armed Forces and hope it inspired the ill and injured and their families to get the help they deserve. Now it’s time for me to stand up and take credit for what I’ve done instead of letting others take credit for work they did not do.

Jack Russell

Jack Russell

This is my friend’s dog and companion for 14 years. He died last year and is greatly missed. I just wanted to do something nice for someone and I did this for her, she really liked it. I hope it brought her comfort and fond memories.
pastels on Mi-tients paper (not Touch).

My Siberian Husky

My Siberian Husky

This is my dog, a favourite subject of mine. I’m not real happy with this one, but it was the third of the day, so it’s ok for the therapy it provided 🙂
Pastels on Mi-tients Touch paper.