Horse study

This is a small painting I did just as a study, I want to make a more detailed one later on. Soft pastels on wc paper… A mistake, it was too bumpy even though I put a layer of gouache first.

Insulating foam you put around pipes makes excellent clouds!

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Sadie, the filly, Rembrandts & charcoal on prepared watercolour background.

One day I realized that I wanted to do a large painting but I didn’t have any paper left and no money to buy more. But I remembered a friend of mine had given me these really large pieces of Canson watercolor paper.

I found them and because it was a nice day took them outside and stared at them for a while. It’s been a long time since I did watercolors I just wasn’t happy with that medium. But I put the paper on the ground, poured water on it and then just took out my Winsor Newton colours and took a brush and started adding colour. The more I added color the more I thought what the heck I’m going to add as many colors as I want and any way I want.

The more colors I added the angrier I got at the army. I took the brush and just pelted the paper, so much that I remove some of it and then I ended up with two canvases like this. I use them as backgrounds and left them to dry.

I went riding yesterday and I didn’t really feel like it but I force myself to do it because I was feeling pretty down. I rode this fillies mother her name is Kitty. When I came home I was supposed to be working on a different painting but looked at this background and thought I’m going to stick a horse on this.

I had my other painting on my art table and I didn’t want to remove it so I just stuck this paper on the floor and just sat there on the floor and did this horse. This one didn’t start out too good but towards the end I started to like it. And it looks just like her.

Grand Tetons on Horseback


Grand Tetons on horseback, rembrandts and pastel pencils on MT Touch paper

When I was in school in Idaho, I hung out with a farm family on the weekends and holidays. They owned a lot of farmland and leased cattle grazing land near the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. I went on a few cattle drives but had no pics. But through art I’m able to recreate it. So here is my first stab at it, my view of the mountains on horseback. Many more to come, when I improve, thanks to Mellonie, my friend and art teacher for correcting this and making it what I didn’t know I wanted. Hopefully she will run some adult art classes in the summer because she can instantly improve a painting but make you feel like you did it yourself 🙂

Have been feeling quite down lately, feel like I am trying to adjust back at work and it’s a lot more than I thought. I saw the therapist last week and we talked about working while surrounded by people who don’t have the same ethics and morals as you. I don’t like it when people who are supposed to work for the ill and injured act flippant towards them or their issues. I treat each one with respect and hoped others at DND do, unfortunately, it’s easy to ridicule others who are struggling. I have to put in my claim of PTSD and am struggling with it mainly because I know it will be ridiculed by the people who handle the administration. Shame on them.

But my therapist gve me a perfect example. Jesus witnessed ridicule and backstabbing all around him. He only had 3 years to accomplish his mission. He chose to focus on his mission rather than those detractors who wanted him to fail. In a sense, they had a short term victory over Him, because they felt they defeated him. But in reality, who do we remember, Jesus or the nobody manipulators?

So the answer is to focus on my work and what I can do. It will do no good to try to “educate” them, they are not interested. Concentrate on what I can do to make a difference to the ill and injured, and to use my recent insight into this awful disorder called PTSD to improve their lives and their families.

Then there is the Honey Badger. The Honey Badger don’t care…. Look it up on YouTube 🙂

Wild horses


This is from a photo of some friend’s horses I took. Just wanted to experiment with colours, because I am actually afraid of colour 🙂 Watercolour on Strathmore watercolour pad.