Didn’t accomplish much

One of those days when you don’t seem to do anything productive. Went for a walk way back in the woods and sat down on a moss covered horse jump. I looked down and thought that the way I was sitting told their own story.
So I eventually accomplished something today, a quick drawing of exactly how I felt.
Drawn with pencil, grey ink and watercolour pencils.





I did this recently in watercolour and ink. I began painting animals of New Brunswick, because I miss the province that I grew up in. I have only been drawing a little while and it does not come easy for me, I have to practice and practice for everything.
I basically begin with an outline, then I start to draw the fur and details. I get lost while doing this, and it’s wonderful 🙂 It is a great relaxer and I’m always sad when I finish a drawing.
The pen I used here is a Pitt marker, these are made with India Ink and are waterproof when mixed with watercolours.