Copy of Durer Wing


Copy of Durer Wing, polychromos coloured pencils on Canson drawing paper

this is our homework for this week, we could have chosen the Hare, but I wanted a challenge. Boy did I get it! He is really into way too much detail than me, so not an exact copy, but pretty close. I’m happy with it.


Studying the Masters

Copy of The Two Princesses by Antony Van Dyke, pastels & Conte on Stonehenge paper

I wanted to copy this one forever, so finally did it. It was Van Dykes sketch for a larger painting of the royal family in the 17th century.

I just love how he captured the children and their delicate details. I really learned a lot from copying, will do it again.

I love how he used simple lines and just a touch of colour for emphasis. I’m sure he sketched this very quick, but to me, I prefer this to the finished, full colour family portrait.

Now I have my own masterpiece hanging in my living room!

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