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Kit, Soft Pastels on Canson Pastel Paper, 11x 17

This was meant to be a study in alla prima. I lay down the values first, getting darker and darker areas in. The slowly added large swipes of colour, and finally detail only on the focal points… the eyes and muzzle.

I love this style of painting and I have returned to pastels as I feel this is my most expressive mediam I can play with. I was limited in colours, as I only had the Pitt Pastel pencils with me, and no fixative for more layers which would have helped. I am camping in an RV in Muskoka and brought limited supplies. This was meant as a practice piece, hence the crappy paper.


Evasive Maneuvers



Evasive Maneuvers , Polychromos CP and Rembrant pastels on Fabriano WC hot press

I decided to go with an ethereal look for this. It’s time for me to stop practicing and do some real artwork for a change!

I combined many mediums for this, I did the background in pastels, as well as the highlights (yellows). I did the detail in CP but I wasn’t happy with it. Maybe I miss my pastels too much 🙂

I think I will reproduce this with pastels only.

I will be attending a trade convention this week, it has been a source of panic for me for the last week. Real panic, as in panic attack. I find myself telling myself I don’t want to be around people, all they are, are hurtful and I just can’t deal with comments and criticism right now.

I have been out of the military for about three weeks now and I had a trigger this week that put me right back into the toxic workplace I was in my last posting. I was surprised that it was me so much. Panic, crying just not able to handle anything, wanting to run away it all came back.harassment and bullying do so much damage to the human mind. Add military structure into that and it’s devastating.

I haven’t heard from SISIP so I am going ahead and just trying to find whatever job I can but it’s very stressful.

I did get a small severance pay and that there was an ad on Kijiji for a fifth wheel trailer that day that I could afford. It’s older and smaller than what I wanted but I could get it so I went to see it. it was in perfect condition and I bought it on the spot.

They delivered it to my house yesterday and my husband is cleaning it up. I’m going to be doing the decor and it’s going to be my little recluse and get away from everything. I also feel safe now because I am afraid of being homeless and this means I will always have a home. In a few months we will be looking for a pick up to buy and then we can go places or just move it.


All cleaned up!

All Cleaned Up! Rembrandt pastels on Canson Mi-tients

I did this for a community benefit. They are having a silent auction for a woman from back home in New Brunswick, her older son was severely injured in an ATV accident. Hope this brings them some $$$!!!

Angels among us

Angels Among Us, charcoal & Schminke soft pastels on Strathmore Charcoal paper

This started just as a charcoal sketch. I used General charcoals. It just looked so plain and I wanted to try something different. I was going to go with orange, but blue just seemed to work. So I combined it a bit. 

The charcoal paper isn’t great, but it was just a quick test and is to when I like it.

I’m very restless tonight. I’m dealing with the military again this time trying to renew my compensation. It is never an easy smooth process. There’s always roadblocks and difficulties. Signatures need to be signed and the person is not there and no one else to fill in for them sometimes it takes more than a month to get an appointment when you need a signature. In the meantime I’ll have to live probably three weeks without any pay coming in. 

They tell you that you can’t have a part-time job while you’re on compensation but I don’t see how anybody can survive without it. And you can’t reported because if you do it only delays the process even more. I’m going to have to find a part-time job to make up for those three weeks because I can’t live without a pay cheque. 

Just doing this small art project seem to call me down a little bit and worked. It’s  not the greatest art in the world but I see where art becomes a calming factor in people and helps overcome depression and anxiety even for just a short break.