Farm children




imageHappy, portrait in coloured pencils on Fabriano wc paper

Another pracrice portrait.

The Wait of the Tutus

Wait of the Tutus

The Wait of the Tutus, Soft Pastel on Canson paper, 10 x 16

Lot of fun doing these tutus and the background. Mainly Nupastel for the background, they have a harder pastel but so rich colours. The mind colour is mainly Rembrandts I bought that I never thought I would ever use!

I left it uncropped so everyone can see what a messy artist I am, I’m not a clean-edge kind of person, just have fun with it!

Gathering Petals

Gathering Petals

Flower Girl gathering Petals, Soft Pastels on Canson Paper, 30 x 16

I use the wrong side of the Canson paper by mistake, but the rough texture actually added to the texture of the dress.

This was just a quick one I did in a few hours, would like to do a better one later on. I loved doing her hair!

The Unison pastel white was perfect for this, it really gave the whitest white I wanted, added some Derwent grey for depth.

I actually got an offer from someone to paint her flower girl because of this painting! As long as it’s a great photo, I don’t mind. As always, it’s all therapy!


Bella, soft pastels on Canson paper

I used mainly Schminke pastels and some Derwent pastel pencils. I tried the Sennelier, I’m not crazy about them but their pigments are gorgeous. When I do portraits, I find the Schminke’s almost mimic human skin.

This was a quick one done in an evening, no patience to do anything finer. And why should I?

I would like to study famous pastel artists like Redon, Maurice Quentin de la Tour, Renoir. Their pastel portraits glowed!!

This is my cousin’s granddaughter Bella, who can resist that cheeky monkey?! Her ggrandfather was my Uncle Earl, I loved him so much. We were so poor and he would bring us lots of clothes from the US when New England was a clothing industry king. He died way too early and I miss him.

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Studying the Masters

Copy of The Two Princesses by Antony Van Dyke, pastels & Conte on Stonehenge paper

I wanted to copy this one forever, so finally did it. It was Van Dykes sketch for a larger painting of the royal family in the 17th century.

I just love how he captured the children and their delicate details. I really learned a lot from copying, will do it again.

I love how he used simple lines and just a touch of colour for emphasis. I’m sure he sketched this very quick, but to me, I prefer this to the finished, full colour family portrait.

Now I have my own masterpiece hanging in my living room!

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