Deer muscle group study


Deer Muscle Group Study, Polychromos Coloured Pencil on Drafting Film

Just playing around with anatomy, i think it<s influenced by my years as a medic, i was always fascinated by the inner body and i got to assist in a few surgeries. I used only two colours for this drawing.


Copy of Durer Wing


Copy of Durer Wing, polychromos coloured pencils on Canson drawing paper

this is our homework for this week, we could have chosen the Hare, but I wanted a challenge. Boy did I get it! He is really into way too much detail than me, so not an exact copy, but pretty close. I’m happy with it.

This is my serious face



This is my serious face, Gouache on Canson Canvas paper, 12 x 16 inches

I have been experimenting with painting with brushes lately instead of pencil crayons and pastel crayons.

I started with acrylics but to be honest I don’t really like them. And then I tried to wash and I really love them. I think it’s because they dry very quickly and give beautiful matte colours. It just seems to be the right medium for me. I use Holbein gouache and stick to limited palette: Raw Sienna, Burnt Umber, Ultramarine Blue and Alizarin Crimson. I added a watercolour Paynes Grey because Holbein doesn’t make a gouache in it.

I have been really struggling mentally lately. Facing some big financial problems, missed 2 house payments. Still waiting for my Veterans claim, but found out today a buddy of mine waited 18 months. It’s been over 6 months wait for me. Awful to make people with mental disorders and depression wait so long.

I think it’s time I write my story down as if it was a news article because I need to get it out. I realize there’s no justice in this world but when you’re destitute, it hurts to know people who did this to you got away with it. Trying to count my blessings but it’s hard just to get out of bed.

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Baby Moose

Baby Moose, prismacolour pencils on Fabriano Bristol 

I haven’t been able to paint or draw since last summer almost 6 months ago. I can’t tell you why or the reasons I just don’t know. I started probably 10 paining since then and stopped and couldn’t finish them. I hate painting.

 I tried oils again but too much work and I just didn’t have the energy to gather all the materials and paint. I missed being precise and blending.

I attended a Veterans retreat and decided to do an art journal of it. I had some coloured pencils from Chris McCullough and just played with them on the paper whatever I wanted to draw. I actually like doing this there was no pressure on me and I could sit in bed and do it.

I will be releasing medically from the Canadian forces in about three weeks. It’s a horrible process to go through. My expectation was that I would work hard in the Canadian forces and apply for civilian jobs and eventually get one and retire from the Canadian forces and move onto a good job. 

But it didn’t happen that way. Instead I got an insecure bastard of a boss who made my life a living hell for year. Workplace bullying harassment whatever you want to call it it was awful. Eventually I had a complete breakdown. Now two years later I am medically releasing from the Canadian forces. And I’m not the same person I was before. Mentally and physically I’m a broken person and I’ve tried and tried to fight my way back. 

So it all ends in three weeks from now. There will certainly not be a depart with dignity ceremony for me. I have a mountain of paperwork to do it’s all confusing and very hard for me. So last week I decided I was going to pay myself a treat and I bought an entire set of polychromos pencil crayons. They’re very expensive but they can’t be more expensive than medication! 

I really love them and I have been back to the drawing and painting, whatever you want to call it. They are a world of difference from the prisma colours and I’ll never go back again. They are oil-based and last really well and work really well on paper. 

For the first time in a long time I feel a little bit better thanks to art. Heart therapy Israel and I don’t even care what I paint anymore I just paint whenever I feel. 

I started with a baby moose. Every time I use those pencils I learn something new about them. I use a prismacolour blender or Taltine odorless solvent to blend the colours. 

All cleaned up!

All Cleaned Up! Rembrandt pastels on Canson Mi-tients

I did this for a community benefit. They are having a silent auction for a woman from back home in New Brunswick, her older son was severely injured in an ATV accident. Hope this brings them some $$$!!!