Dark Fox

Fox, pastels on Canson heavy paper

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Cardinal to fight the blues

Cardinal, pastels on Sanded paper

I’ve been very depressed lately, but coming out of it now. It was an effort to paint, but I’m forcing myself. A little cardinal for Diane.

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Polar Bear


Pastels on Mi-tients Touch grey paper.

I met a fellow a few weeks ago who works for the company building the Keystone Pipeline. When I mentioned I attempt to draw animals, he said he had just come from up North and had taken photos of polar bears there he promised to send me them and voila! A few weeks later he did! I really appreciate him taking the time for this, it’s good to know there are good and thoughtful people in this world.

Truthfully I haven’t been feeling well lately and quite depressed. After meeting with my unit and the MO, I have finally realized that my unit are not going to support me in any way and are not truthful with me. I worked so hard for them for 3 years and they are less than helpful to me. In a few short months I will be unemployed but the people who bullied me and caused my PTSD are employed. If anyone knew the unit they would be outraged.

I need to heal, I need to get better so I can get a job. I am not healthy financially and support family who can’t take care of themselves.

I will have my pity party, mope a bit etc but I will come out of this. I have faith in Heavenly Father and I know I am doing the right thing. I am so proud of my military service, I have impacted hundreds of military and their family and I worked hard for them. I wish I still could but I can’t go back there and I can never tolerate bullying and disrespect like that ever again. Now I can begin to heal and make a right wheel to a better future.

And they still owe me a medal 🙂